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Life, whoa, life, dodododo
red hair
Hey. So, the Square is full again. As I write, call to prayer is going out. We get the semi-harmonious mix-up of three or more muezzin, but from a distance, so it's background noise, unlike a friend's flat where it really grabs you attention. Lovely voice though.

I'm kicking myself over how busy I've been. And then kicking myself for kicking myself, because for the most part I'm either working hard at my job or being sociable/pursuing experiences here that I won't be able to anywhere else. (alright, so Thursday/club, Friday Kareoke with work/Saturday Mohandeseen may have been excessive, but I knew it was a 3-day week!)

Last night, probably prompted by some IC/OC mail (which was lovely please send more) I had my first proper Maeldream for a while, in which we simply showed up and got on with it. And my head turned to thinking that we could, with a little help form my folks. It would be mad, but we could. But the point of coming out here was for people to visit us and to launch-pad to other places. Proximity was for Winter, primarily, due to Dave's involvement and a similar reason might prompt us to do the mad thing for Empire I. That and the need to off-load before our return-via-the-world trip next summer. I know, life is so hard.

There'll be more of this on the other blog at the relevant time. I am so glad we came to live somewhere so completely different. I'm appreciating a whole bunch of privileges in a new way and having a great time, but I'm currently missing you all terribly. Yes, you, my beautiful, fantastic and at times ridiculous friends. Take care of yourselves, cos I've got a huge stack of hugs and a fair few Egyptian-stlye cheek kisses for all of you when I next see you!    

Happy New Year!
Hey, internet. Sorry I didn't take you the Luxor, but I was trying to travel light. I had a fantastic time, thank you for asking!

As far as the Nano goes, I didn't take that either, but I already have ideas for which ancient structure will inspire and flesh out (brick up?) the Shar's palace and the temples. I'm going to put the neat version up now, before those who pledged to try once it was up in it's entirety entirely lose interest, but I will start editing soon. Maybe even tonight. Also, paintings of Sammi and Warda (for whom I should have used a pencil and not sat at an angle, but whatchagonnado? are helping me get better ideas for describing them.


So please go easy on my typos, for they are probably many. Questions that are raised/ideas that don't pan/things that you like would be great to hear if anyone has the time, but, as the girl going back to school tomorrow and fully expecting to return to the DSS*, I know you're all busy people. 

Love to you all, I hope your 2012 got off to a fab start and that we get to see you at some point in it!

Well, this is the last post containing the first draft. I'll probably do a bit of poking and prodding before it goes out on complete release, but a big thankyou to those who've given me encouragement, both with the updates and in the writing itself. All was appreciated!

Needless to say, any feedback in the little box would be great. Tonight, all being well, curry and J-Pop...

Where do we go from here?Collapse )

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Milking it
Behold! The penultimate update! 

The holidays will bring more tales from Egypt courtesy of The Other Blog. Apologies for sporadic updates, it's just how it goes!

Not quite what I expected to happen...Collapse )

And then it got a bit out of hand...
Today was pretty awful.

And now I have a sore throat. 

Have some unintended developments yourselves;

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So this is the bit I intended from the beginning...
Again, it's rushed, it needs work, but that will come next week. The horrid thing is feeling like I should be on holiday already, what with having had our Christmas parties, but no. I hope I remember that at 6am tomorrow...

The return of VistaraCollapse )

After all, there's only 9 more sleeps 'til Christmas!
Got my children to watch The Snowman yesterday, via the miracle of YouTube, then watched half of The Muppet's Christmas Carol while filing!! This week was slow, disorganised and hard. Next week won't be much better. I'm stage manager for the Auditorium Opening ceremony. They are still working on the Auditorium Yes, it needs a capital 'A', trust me!!

In the meantime, Christmas at a colleague's flat this afternoon, for which I am providing mince pies and cutlery, so I must shortly to the kitchen!

This entry, and a lot of the end, needs a lot of work. Reading back I get a squirmy, sad feeling. But I'm going to post honestly, so I apologise for the quality that came with the rush to finish. On the plus side,

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This bit went about as planned...
The beginning of the end...Collapse ) 


Swiftest of entries
Busy night!

And so, back to where we began...Collapse )

Gross descriptions are fun :3
Apologies for yesterdays absence, didn't get home until 9pm, thankfully due to shopping! Not school related lateness. That is to come. 8 get ups ^_^.

I like this character a lot too! So glad I managed to work her back in!Collapse )