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Uncomfortable feelings
Before I can get into froth mode, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I didn't do a better job of saying goodbye yesterday.

Sunday night was great, until I had a moment of "this is how drunk you are" and had to go to bed, which meant I missed doing any singing, which sucked, and I woke with the wibbly, regretful feeling next morning when I was looking as some blank spaces and worrying I may have done stupid things. I don't think I did, but if I said/did anything stupid/hurtful/offensive I'm sorry. Please don't even joke about what those things may have been. I've developed some bad habits of late where alcohol is concerned that I need to address, but that's something I'm working on. Also my paranoia is being fed on reading too much into peoples reactions that were probably based more on lack of sleep, but, well, there you go.

So I was pretty much a coward yesterday and attempted to make a swift and painless exit. Which then of course made me feel bad because I hadn't said thank you and goodbye properly to some awesome people. The game shifted over the years and being away for a year was harder than I thought, but so many people have made the last 6 years of games so memorable that I'm sure once I've had more sleep I'll be able to froth over the good things.

So, thank you. And au revoir; with the internet, we're never far away!