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OK, so, the bad news, the arrangement for next year is going to be tricky. More on this, probably on the other blog, at some point. Want to put more actual travel stuff up first though.

Work is a nest made of rumour and lies. 

Bu-ut, on the other hand, we got the 9th and 10th September off! 

OK, story goes thusly; we were, as you know, planning to make event III come hell or high water. My high water was the fact a very old and dear friend of mine, who helped me loads and, y'know, put up with me living with her and my various antics for more years than was probably good for her, is coming back from New Zealand (<i>I'll probably just stay the year</i>, 2008) to get married. They have a very limited window, limited even more by bureaucracy. So they're going for the 21st July.

So we decided to do the very silly (and costly) thing of coming back for the last event. TO be honest I just couldn't <i>not</i> play one more full game. Yes, we are taking on commissions to help cover the cost. There is a more practical element, however...

We need our kit (two bags, a suit of leather armour and at least one long weapon) storing and <b>bringing to event IV</b>. We cannot go via out parents, we will need to fly into heathrow and train to Oxford. Likewise we will need a very kind soul (or souls) to look after said bags when we head back again. Having already secured the time under the pretense of my brother's wedding (I need to tell him about that...) we really don't want to loose it. Needless to say, arts, beer and our undying gratitude will be yours! 

It's a mad and silly idea; please help us pull it off! 

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I can probably take your bags after the event and store them for as long as you need. This will mean your bags are in Cambridge, but I do have a lot of storage space so they can sit here for several months without getting in my way

also, *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Heh, thanks for that!! Have sent an email...I had it in my head that it was over my birthday again!! Should be fine, lets see..

Assuming I can get a lift to the event, I have a small spare tent that you're welcome to.

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