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Happy New Year!
Hey, internet. Sorry I didn't take you the Luxor, but I was trying to travel light. I had a fantastic time, thank you for asking!

As far as the Nano goes, I didn't take that either, but I already have ideas for which ancient structure will inspire and flesh out (brick up?) the Shar's palace and the temples. I'm going to put the neat version up now, before those who pledged to try once it was up in it's entirety entirely lose interest, but I will start editing soon. Maybe even tonight. Also, paintings of Sammi and Warda (for whom I should have used a pencil and not sat at an angle, but whatchagonnado? are helping me get better ideas for describing them.


So please go easy on my typos, for they are probably many. Questions that are raised/ideas that don't pan/things that you like would be great to hear if anyone has the time, but, as the girl going back to school tomorrow and fully expecting to return to the DSS*, I know you're all busy people. 

Love to you all, I hope your 2012 got off to a fab start and that we get to see you at some point in it!