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The Saga continues....
red hair
So, work has been interesting over the past couple of weeks. Under the cut ar some of the incidents that are assuring me that, no matter how awesome West Side Story is (I'm actually considering re-training to do drama with older kids at some point) my school is not somewhere I wish to stay long-term.

In which the Primary Head is offensive and patronisingCollapse )

In which the school has no consistant standardsCollapse )

In which our lives are put at riskCollapse )

Uncomfortable feelings
Before I can get into froth mode, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I didn't do a better job of saying goodbye yesterday.

Sunday night was great, until I had a moment of "this is how drunk you are" and had to go to bed, which meant I missed doing any singing, which sucked, and I woke with the wibbly, regretful feeling next morning when I was looking as some blank spaces and worrying I may have done stupid things. I don't think I did, but if I said/did anything stupid/hurtful/offensive I'm sorry. Please don't even joke about what those things may have been. I've developed some bad habits of late where alcohol is concerned that I need to address, but that's something I'm working on. Also my paranoia is being fed on reading too much into peoples reactions that were probably based more on lack of sleep, but, well, there you go.

So I was pretty much a coward yesterday and attempted to make a swift and painless exit. Which then of course made me feel bad because I hadn't said thank you and goodbye properly to some awesome people. The game shifted over the years and being away for a year was harder than I thought, but so many people have made the last 6 years of games so memorable that I'm sure once I've had more sleep I'll be able to froth over the good things.

So, thank you. And au revoir; with the internet, we're never far away!

OK, so, the bad news, the arrangement for next year is going to be tricky. More on this, probably on the other blog, at some point. Want to put more actual travel stuff up first though.

Work is a nest made of rumour and lies. 

Bu-ut, on the other hand, we got the 9th and 10th September off! 

OK, story goes thusly; we were, as you know, planning to make event III come hell or high water. My high water was the fact a very old and dear friend of mine, who helped me loads and, y'know, put up with me living with her and my various antics for more years than was probably good for her, is coming back from New Zealand (<i>I'll probably just stay the year</i>, 2008) to get married. They have a very limited window, limited even more by bureaucracy. So they're going for the 21st July.

So we decided to do the very silly (and costly) thing of coming back for the last event. TO be honest I just couldn't <i>not</i> play one more full game. Yes, we are taking on commissions to help cover the cost. There is a more practical element, however...

We need our kit (two bags, a suit of leather armour and at least one long weapon) storing and <b>bringing to event IV</b>. We cannot go via out parents, we will need to fly into heathrow and train to Oxford. Likewise we will need a very kind soul (or souls) to look after said bags when we head back again. Having already secured the time under the pretense of my brother's wedding (I need to tell him about that...) we really don't want to loose it. Needless to say, arts, beer and our undying gratitude will be yours! 

It's a mad and silly idea; please help us pull it off! 

red hair
This is all.

That and we're making plans to be at event IV, as I probably won't be able to make all if any of event III. For a lovely reason, but it's been giving me all kinds of worries. More tomorrow. When I may have resigned.*

*I won't have resigned. 
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There is an entire world of things I should dump/update on. 

Just had a great few days with the delightful Jo, seeing sights, writing songs, recovering from Grease... seriously can't believe that was just over a week ago...

But now is not the time!

Glad to hear lots of people enjoyed Mael I, I've managed to read a few entries and intend of having a fic-fest one of these nights!

And not that Egypt isn't still lovely, in all it's sun and healthier-looking tourism (yay!) buuuut... 2months and 11 days until (near enough) absolute freedom for the summer!!
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Nouveau Week Three+

I finished it! It took ages! Look at the detail!

Off to Turkey on Weds for the weekend. Pretty much removing myself from contact with anyone. If I don't return, it's because I can't face another shit rehearsal.



P.S. there will be more of these, but I have a Project with a Deadline that I need to put some effort into over the next few weeks. GEE I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE FOR!!! *love* 

Nouveau Week Three; the slight delay!
Well, obviously I didn't get much done with the parents here, so I'm a bit behind, but maybe I won't spend all of this week out, and maybe I'll get ahead.

Quite proud of this though, When I say quite....


S sorry for grouching this week. School is taking all my diplomancy. If anyone wants to know about the pitfalls of a cross-school musical in Egypt, I'll happily go on at length, [and we'll leave that thought there].

Nouveau Week Two
Few cheeky tweaks before the 'rents got up!

An early birthday present for estantia

Happy birthday and congratulations, too, to islandgorilla this week. It could have been his character too, for very different reasons!!


Out shortly... really should get in the shower...

So, decided to put all my nervous/paranoid/promisedmyselfIwouldn'tmakeanymoreneedyposts energy into something productive. 

Aimed to be a weekly-ish thing, so the week before my parents visit probably isn't the best time to start!!

Tributes to people, places and a certain artform.

To begin with, I bring you Spring.

Something more interesting
If you're following the other blog, a wee update of some colloquial Caireen Arabic.

Also, I will soon own, due to oversight both the adult and school versions of "Grease"! We're performing at the end of March. Expect insanity here. 

Meh, at least it'll detract from some of the less fun thoughts in my head!

Feb = Parentals. Three weeks, can't wait. And not just because they're bringing proper tea and beer!

March= Istanbul. After a friend's last minute flight to Greece yesterday (which feels like an age ago) decided  to take steps.